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Date LocationEvent TypeDetails
10-02-2017-30-09-2017中国大学生赛车队2017赛季 Altair Event 中国大学生赛车队2017赛季合作方案
14-07-2017-06-11-2017竞赛 Altair Event 2017 Altair 创新设计大赛
25-09-2017Web Seminar Webinar Altair 网络研讨会系列:OptiStruct疲劳分析功能详解
26-09-2017网络研讨会 Webinar Altair 网络研讨会系列:复材设计与优化仿真分析
26-09-201710:00 am EST Webinar Predictive Simulation Approach for Heat Treatment Optimization Using AVL FIRE™ M
26-09-2017-28-09-2017シンガポール Industry Event ICCAS 2017 - International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding
27-09-2017Online Webinar Webinar Headlamp modeling in SimLab and CFD analysis using AcuSolve
27-09-20179:00 am EDT Webinar OptiStruct for Nonlinear Analysis: Comprehensive, Fast and Accurate Solutions, Modern Solver Architecture
29-09-2017-02-10-2017秋田大学 手形キャンパス Industry Event 日本鋳造工学会 第170回全国講演大会(出展)
03-10-201710:00 am EST Webinar How to do Frequency Domain Analysis for Fatigue and Random Response
05-10-201710:00 am EST Webinar Introduction to FieldView Express by Intelligent Light
16-10-2017西安市陕西宾馆 榆林厅 Altair Event FEKO USER DAY --复杂雷达电磁性能仿真关键技术研讨
17-10-2017東京オフィス(池袋サンシャイン60 43階) Altair Event Evolve Cafe = 3D・CGソフト体験セミナー = 2017
17-10-2017紀尾井カンファレンス Industry Event stratasys 3D Printing Forum 2017(出展)
17-10-201710:00 am EST Webinar Hyper-Fidelity Stress Analysis for S.A.F.E.R. Structural Simulation in the Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense Industries
18-10-201710:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm CET Webinar FEKO Webinar: The Growing Role of EM Simulation for Connected Vehicles and e-Mobility
19-10-201710:00 am EST Webinar Shifting Gears - GPU Particle Based Simulations for Gear-train and Powertrain Components
20-10-201718:00~20:00  東京(池袋) Altair Event 【学生フォーミュラ向け】Inspireトレーニング
20-10-2017浙江大学邵逸夫科学馆 Altair Event Altair 2017教育创新高峰研讨会
20-10-201711:00 CST/ Online Webinar Simlab - effizientes Pre-processing für nichtlineare FEM Solver wie Abaqus oder Ansys
24-10-201710:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm CET Webinar Flux Webinar: Sensor and actuator design for transportation applications
27-10-2017トヨタ自動車株式会社 東京本社 Industry Event Modelica User Conference 2017
27-10-201718:00~20:00  大阪(本町) Altair Event 【学生フォーミュラ向け】Inspireトレーニング
07-11-201710:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm CET Webinar Flux Webinar : Electric Machine Design Workflow for Traction Applications
09-11-2017東京コンファレンスセンター・品川(受付5F) Industry Event ISID CAEフォーラム "Think CAE, 2017"(出展、講演)
09-11-201710:00 am EST Webinar Complete Simulation of Forging Process Using AFDEX
16-11-201710:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm CET Webinar Flux Webinar: Efficient Solutions for Electromagnetic Design Exploration and Optimization
21-11-201710:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm CET Webinar Flux Webinar: Improving the Manufacturing Process with Efficient Induction Heating Applications
22-11-2017ザ・ガーデンルーム (恵比寿) Altair Event solidThinking CONVERGE 2017
22-11-2017広島県民文化センター Industry Event ものづくりを革新するITフォーラム in広島 2017(出展・講演)